OF NUMBERS 1000 TO 9999;

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4 Digit Numbers
through Fun Math Games.

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The successor to 999 is a
four digit number 1,000,
called thousand.

The value of the place, fourth
from right is ten times
hundred and is called thousand.

Now, the numbers 1,000 to 9,999,
namely one thousand to nine
thousand nine hundred ninety
nine can be understood.

Please note that a comma is put
after three digits from right.

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on 4 digit Number

place value chart
for 4 digit numbers :


In the above example,
the value of 4936
= 4 thousands + 9 hundreds
+ 3 tens + 6 ones
= 4,000 + 900 + 30 + 6
= 4936

It is written as four thousand
nine hundred thirty six.

Exercise :
upto 4 digit Numbers

Solve the following problems on 4 digit Numbers

  1. How many thousands, hundreds,
    tens and ones are there in 5839 ?

  2. How many thousands, hundreds,
    tens and ones are there in 2467 ?

  3. In 8431, 4 is in hundreds
    place. where is 3 ?

  4. In 5780, the place value of 7 is
    700. What is the place value of 5 ?

  5. Find the number in which
    there is 6 in the units place,
    7 in the tens place, 5 in the
    hundreds place
    and 9 in the thousands place.

  6. With 7, 2, 4 and 3, make a
    number such that the digits are
    in the descending order.
    Write the number in figures and
    in words. Also write which digit
    is in which place ?

  7. With the same digits in 6,
    above, make a number such that the
    digits are in the ascending order.
    Write the number in figures and
    in words.Also write which digit
    is in which place ?

  8. With 9, 0, 3, 5 and 1, write
    five biggest four-digit numbers.
    Write those numbers in words.

  9. A number is same both ways.
    It has 2 in the hundreds place.
    It lies between 7,000 and 8,000.
    Find the number.

  10. Which is bigger
    1. 8,460, 8,640
    2. 7,890, 8,790
    3. 3,949, 3994
    4. 8,888, 8,988.

For answers see at the
bottom of the page.

For study of numbers 10,000
and above, you may go to
Five Digit Numbers.

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Answers to Exercise :
upto 4 digit Numbers

Answers to Problems
on 4 Digit Numbers :

  1. 5 thousands, 8 hundreds, 3 tens
    and 9 ones are there in 5839.

  2. 2 thousands, 4 hundreds, 6 tens
    and 7 ones are there in 2467.

  3. In 8431, 3 is in tens place.

  4. In 5780, the place value
    of 5 is 5000.

  5. 9576

  6. 7432
    Seven Thousand Four Hundred Thirty two.
    7 is in thousands' place,
    4 is in hundreds' place,
    3 is in tens' place and
    2 is in ones' place.

  7. 2347
    Two Thousand Three Hundred Forty Seven.
    2 is in thousands' place,
    3 is in hundreds' place,
    4 is in tens' place and
    7 is in ones' place.

  8. 9531,
    Nine Thousand Five Hundred Thirty One.
    Nine Thousand Five Hundred Thireen.
    Nine Thousand Three Hundred Fifty One.
    Nine Thousand Three Hundred Fifteen.
    Nine Thousand One Hundred Fifty three.

  9. 7227

    1. 8,640
    2. 8,790
    3. 3994
    4. 8,988.