Algebra Jokes -- Algebra can be fun for those with Sense of Humour

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Nowadays, sense of humour became a rare commodity.

So, the term "Algebra Jokes" may surpise many.

But those with wit will always find something tomake fun in any topic, however serious it may be.Algebra is no exception.

Here is a collection of humourous stories, enjoyable theorems, and funny questions and answers,all related to Algebra jokes.

Three Funny stories

Algebra Jokes : Funny story (1)

log and timber

A math student requested his classmate forhis homework notes to copy. But his friendwas afraid that the teacher would notice thecopying and punish both of them for that.

Then the student promsed his friend that hewould change the symbols from a,b,c to l,m,n;from x,y,z to p,q,r etc and thus the teacherwould not be able to notice the copying.

At last the friend gave him the notes.

Later the friend asked him whether he had changed all the variables.

Then he replied "Don't worry. I changed themaximum possible. I changed the variablesfrom x to p, a to l etc; functions fromf to g etc; also log(x+y) to timber(p+q).

Algebra Jokes : Funny story (2)

pie are round

A student returned from his schoolin the town, to his village.

His father asked him what he learnt in school.

The son replied "Algebra".

The father asked him to say something in Algebra.

The son said, “Pi R square".

The father replied

"You can not fool me;though I am uneducated I knowcorn bread are square and pie are round".

Algebra Jokes : Funny story (3)

help of radicals :

A math teacher was talking to thechairman of a school.

I am teaching students how to solve equations with the help of radicals.

The chairman replied "Don't misuse your position to force your extremist political views on young students".

5 Enjoyable Theorems

Algebra Jokes : Enjoyable Theorems (i)

prove that 2 = 1


Let p = q

multiplying both sides with p, we get

p^2 = pq

Subtracting q^2 from both sides, we get

p^2 - q^2 = pq - q^2

Factorizing both sides, we get

(p + q)(p - q) = q(p - q)

dividing both sides by (p - q), we get

(p + q) = q

Using p = q we get,

q + q = q or 2q = q

dividing both sides by q, we get

2 = 1 (proved.) Great deals on School & Homeschool Curriculum Books and Software

Algebra Jokes : Enjoyable Theorem (ii)

Prove that 'x' is always negative for Algebra enthusiasts.


For algebra enthusiasts, nothing is better than x.

Therefore, 0 > x. (proved.)

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Algebra Jokes : Enjoyable Theorem (iii)

Prove that girls are evil.


We know,

Girls = Money x Time

We also know, Time is Money.

i.e. Time = Money.


Girls = Money^2

We also know that money is the root of evil.

i.e. Money = root(Evil).

So, Money^2 = Evil.


Girls = Evil (proved.) Great Deals on School & Homeschool Curriculum Books

Algebra Jokes : Enjoyable Theorem (iv)

Prove that A person with less knowledge gets more money for the same work.


We know,

Knowledge = Power.

We also know,

Power = Work/Time,

We also know, Time is Money.

i.e. Time = Money.


Power = Work/Money

Thus, knowledge = Work/Money.

or Money = Work/knowledge.

So, for a given work, if knowledge isless, money will be more. (proved.)

Algebra Jokes : Enjoyable Theorem (v)

Prove that a cat has three tails.


We know,

No cat has two tails.

We also know,

one cat has one more tail than no cat.

So, it must have three tails. (proved.)

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Simple Questions and Funny Answers

Questions & Answers (1)

Question :

Why didn’t the Romans find algebra challenging?

Answer :

Because X was always 10.

Questions & Answers (2)

Question :

How do you expand (a + b)^2?

Answer :

(a                                     +                                     b) ^2

Questions & Answers (3)

Question :

What do you get when you combine Einstein and Pytahgoras discoveries?

Answer :

E = mc^2 = m(a^2 + b^2)

Questions & Answers (4)

Question :

I failed every subject except for algebra.

How did you keep from failing that?

Answer :

I didn't take algebra!

Questions & Answers (5)

Question :

Your spelling is not much good.

Answer :

What do you mean, my spelling isn't much good ?

That's my algebra!

Questions & Answers (6)

Question :

Who invented algebra?

Answer :

A clever X-pert.

Questions & Answers (7)

Question :

How do we know that the fractions A/C, X/C and W/C are in a foreign country ?

Answer :

Because their numerators are all over C's.