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The various topics in this site provide
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Benefits of eBooks

Why an Ebook? Discover the Many Benefits!
Millions are reading ebooks and here's why:

  1. Save Money :
    no shipping, no taxes, and the lowest prices

  2. Control Viewing :
    Read online or print out a hardcopy

  3. Read Easily :
    Enlarge or reduce text with just a click

  4. Search Effortlessly :
    Search capabilities with PDF format

  5. Purchase Easily :
    Use credit card and then book is delivered digitally

  6. Access Instantly :
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  7. Choose Print Options :
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  8. Save Paper :
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  9. Environment Friendly :
    No fossil fuels used for ebook distribution

  10. Enjoy Variety :
    Be able to change text and background colors

  11. Read Anywhere :
    Adobe reader is free for any computer

Math eBooks recommended

We give links to pages of description
of the recommended eBooks. The eBooks are
listed in the descending order of their
importance in each category. If you are in
a dilemma between two books in a category,
choose the first listed one.

There are a total of ten selected
Math eBooks recommended here.

I Math Games category

There are two books recommended
in this category.

I(1) Educational Games To Print And
Play which Makes Math Fun And Easy.
Here is the Link.
Fun Math Games for children.


I(2) kids enjoy decoding the answer
of a math practice sum to a
laugh-out-loud riddle.
Here is the Link.
Math Riddle Worksheet Book for kids.

II Vedic Math/Math Tricks/
Speed Math/Mental Math category

There are four books recommended
in this category.

II (1) Watch In Amazement As The children
Calculate Large Sums Effortlessly.
Here is the Link.
Seriously Simple Sums

II(2) Brilliant Mental Math Short Cuts
(Based on Vedic Math Sutras)
Here is the Link.
Fun With Figures

II(3) Suitable for ages 10 and up
this book will foster a genuine love
of mathematics in your children.
Here is the Link.
Wiz Kid : Short-Cut Arithmetic

II(4) Set Of Skills for Doing Math Rapidly
(Priced very low : $5 only)
Here is the Link.
Speed Math EBook.

Great Deals on School & Homeschool Curriculum Books

III Math Lessons/
Online Math Help category

There are two Math eBooks recommended
in this category.

III (1) Easy and Illustrated Explanations
and Worked Answers. English Grammar also covered.
(1200 pages. Priced low. $25 only)
Here is the Link.
eBook to Master Math & English.

Get The Best Grades With the Least Amount of Effort

Here is a collection of proven tips,
tools and techniques to turn you into
a super-achiever - even if you've never
thought of yourself as a "gifted" student.

The secrets will help you absorb, digest
and remember large chunks of information
quickly and easily so you get the best grades
with the least amount of effort.

If you apply what you read from the above
collection, you can achieve best grades without
giving up your fun, such as TV, surfing the net,
playing video games or going out with friends!

Know more about the

Speed Study System.

III (2) Self paced courseware
With Animated Lessons.
Here is the Link.
Math Foundation Online Math Courses

Great deals on School & Homeschool Curriculum Books and Software

IV Math Activities/Forms/

There are two books recommended
in this category.

IV (1) Kids Quality Activities/
Math Worksheets Package for Christmas
That are Fun And Educational Too
Here is the Link.
Activities/Worksheets Package

IV (2) 90 page collection of Math
handouts, forms and worksheets which
serve as teaching tools (K-8) in the
class and save time for teachers.
Here is the Link.
Math Timesavers For Teachers/Classroom Tools.

Progressive Learning of Math : Math eBooks

Recently, I have found a series of math curricula
(Both Hard Copy and Digital Copy) developed by a Lady Teacher
who taught everyone from Pre-K students to doctoral students
and who is a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education.

This series is very different and advantageous
over many of the traditional books available.
These give students tools that other books do not.
Other books just give practice.
These teach students “tricks” and new ways to think.

These build a student’s new knowledge of concepts
from their existing knowledge.
These provide many pages of practice that gradually
increases in difficulty and provide constant review.

These also provide teachers and parents with lessons
on how to work with the child on the concepts.

The series is low to reasonably priced and include

Elementary Math curriculum


Algebra Curriculum.